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Transformation, dissolution, annulment of the fund in Liechtenstein

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The Fund may be converted by the Council of trustees of the fund managers or a designated third person in an institution (Anstalt), or trust company (Treuunternehmen) without liquidation when:

  • the statute explicitly provides for the possibility of such a transformation,
  • This conversion is necessary to protect the fundamental interests of the fund or beneficiaries
  • comply with the requirements of an institution or trust company.


By law, the dissolution of the fund takes place when you can not achieve its objectives, in particular:

  • when the fund has already reached his goal or where such can not be achieved;
  • when the fund is no longer able to perform tasks for the lack of sufficient funds;
  • when the expiration of the fund as defined in the Certificate on the establishment of the fund or the Charter.

Cancellations: By law, the founder may reserve the right to cancel the fund in the certificate for the establishment of the fund. However, under certain circumstances, the existence of this right due to the problems of legal recognition of the fund, so the VC lyuchenie such a position in testimony to establish a fund generally is not desirable